The company

TES is a company whose main goal is to offer complete solutions end-to-end in any project involving point of sell terminals (POS), such bank applications, finances, loyalty, recharge, prepay, etc. Starting with the architecture of the solution, deployment, postsell support and maintinance of equipements.

With a wide experience, and with a strong partnership with the main POS providers, we give added value to every kind of payment project in either public or private environment, loyalty, etc, giving to our customers our whole knowledge an our partner´s one in order to succeed.

Also, we have the tools that let us give to our clients any postsell service, such as release management in POS terminals, call-center service, deployment and start-up POS terminals, software updates, secured key loading, documents and manuals management, etc.

Of course, we have a great experience in certifications in different financial environments.

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