• POS terminals testing.

  • Application loading in POS terminals.

  • On-line maintinance of software releases and applications.

  • Transactions collection from POS terminals.

  • Key management and secured key loading in POS terminals.

  • POS terminals Deployment and instalation in final customers.

  • Error and incidence management and report.

  • Interface between the POS terminals providers and the final customer.

  • Customer training in POS terminals application.

  • Documents and manuals customization and version releases management.

  • Development of added value applications and software, like testing applications, QoS methodology, etc.

  • POS terminals fixing, following criteria of our customers.

  • Logistics in POS terminals.


  • Projects involving communication technologies in POS terminals environment:
    • TCP/IP, UDP/IP over GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi, ISP (GSM or PSTN), CDMA, ISDN, etc.

    • X-25 networking with PSTN or GSM access.

    • GPRS intranets.

  • On-line or off-line transactions.

  • Magnetic stripe or chip cards.

  • Integrations of different kind of applications, including third part applications in POS terminals.

  • Integration of new hardware technology to the POS terminals for added value applications: GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Any project in the following areas:
    • Cellular phone card recharge.

    • Loyalty through magnetic stripe or chip card.

    • Payment in public or private environment.

    • Fleet management for taxis, public transport, etc.

    • Prepay services.

    • Pay-per-use services.

    • Etc.


  • Payment applications certifications: CECA, SERMEPA, 4B systems.

  • Private environment certifications: Conexflow ©, CSACT, etc.

  • Media payment trends: EMV, PED, PCI, etc.

  • Factorying management in electronic equipement.

  • Telecomunications: GPRS, UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, etc.

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